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New discoveries in archaeology are showing that many ancient cultures were far more advanced then us today. They had advanced knowledge of astronomy and math that we are only starting to re-discover today.

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Evidence Of Ancient Electricity

See first hand evidence of how they used actual electricity to light their underground crypts and tombs. And what about the power source for the bulb? Notice the bulb is plugged into a power device...

Ancient Battery From Iraq

In the same time area of 2500 B.C. we also find evidence of ancient power sources in Baghdad, Iraq and Egypt. It seems the ancients had a much larger grasp on harnessing power than we thought...

Search For Planet X / Nibiru

Learn about the latest concepts that explore the idea our solar system is binary in nature. The Mesopotamian and biblical sources present strong evidence that the orbital period of the Planet X (Nibiru) is 3,600 years. The number 3,600 was written in Sumerian as a large circle. The Sumerians called this a shar, which also meant 'a perfect circle' or 'a completed cycle'.

The Lost Cycle Of Time

All the ancient cultures built monuments that align to various star constellations. They were all aware of a much larger cycle of time. Why did they build so many megalithic monuments that track the movement of the heavens?

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I always knew there was something special about the stone monuments around the world and felt a connection to learn more about the past. This book really opens the door to looking at our history in a new light.

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