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Ancient School Video Series


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Disk 1


Lesson - Ancient Alien Gods
Run time: 35 min

Over 30 ancient cultures reference interaction with physical beings they considered to be gods. Modern archeology considers these stories to be myth. Let’s take a closer look at the evidence.

Lesson - The Anunnaki
Run Time: 43 min

One of the oldest civilizations Sumer or modern day Iraq, springing up right out of the stone age left us 1000’s of tablets and texts depicting interaction with their living gods they called the Anunnaki.

Lesson – Where Do We Come From?
Run Time: 32 min

Explore the scientific views of how life came into being, and more specifically how humans come into the evolutionary picture. We also explore the 1st cultures we have found on earth tracing back to our oldest known civilizations currently around 4,000 B.C..

Disk 2


Lesson - Structures On Mars
Run Time: 36 min

New data from landers and orbiters we have to Mars show structures on the surface that clearly resemble structures humans have built here on earth. See evidence for a lost civilization that once lived on the surface of mars.

Lesson - The Mars-Earth Connection
Run Time: 42 min

New data released from NASA and other agencies is showing mars to have flowing water and living plants on the surface today! See the evidence for yourself that Mars might still harbor life today.

Disk 3


Lesson – Ancient Planet X
Run Time: 32 min

The symbol of the winged disk is used in many cultures. In this lesson we explore the origins of this symbol found in Sumerian culture around 3800 B.C.. It was used to depict the home world of where they believed their gods the Anunnaki came from. A planet they called “Nibiru” which stood for planet of the crossing and was symbolized by a winged disk.

Lesson – The Search For Planet X
Run Time: 38 min

Some large force seems to be affecting the motion of the planets and probes we send into space. We have been looking for a large unknown body to explain the affects we see on our solar system. See the latest evidence for a search for planet x, with new data about our solar system being binary, having 2 suns.

Disk 4


Lesson – Megalithic Structures
Run Time: 32 min

Ancient cultures all around the world built megalithic structures with evidence of high mathematical understanding built into the structures. Some of these structures also align to star constellations creating specific alignments that repeat over time.

Lesson – Ancient Astronomy
Run Time: 34 min

Ancient civilizations built structures all over the earth that align to specific constellations in the heavens. Ancient man used the movements of the heavens like a grand celestial clock and built monuments to mark where they were in this larger cycle of time. See the evidence that ancient man possessed advanced understating of mathematics and astronomy.

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