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All too often, religion and science come into direct conflict on these questions—with disastrous results. We can all call to mind examples of suffering, persecution and cruelty that have plagued our history as a result of conflicting viewpoints on our origins. Surely, such senseless and destructive conflict doesn’t have to go on forever. But how can we ever expect to change as a race if we don’t accept our place in the universe? Can we lift the veil that covers our eyes? The ancient astronaut theory allows us to do just that. If you asked the most ancient civilization, the Sumerians, about the source of their knowledge, they would say, “All we learned, we were taught by the Anunnaki.” The word Anunnaki means “those who from heaven to earth came.” It is easy to interpret this metaphorically, if we are approaching it from the standpoint that “heaven” is a mythical place. But what if it wasn’t to them? What if it was a real place—the sky, outer space? What if, in fact, this arrival of god-like beings from the sky itself is the source material for our own Judeo-Christian concepts about a God that lives somewhere above us, somewhere off the Earth? We will discuss the term “Anunnaki” in these lessons. You will see many references to them as likely candidates for influencing our early civilization. Join us as we unravel the secrets of our lost past to unlock the future!

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